As we get towards the end of the year, we’re starting to look at gift ideas that exist in the tabletop space but would work well in a group that is more used to playing lighter and more family orientated games. Squishmallows Take Four is such a game and features in our Gift of Cardboard series of games.


Squishmallows is a quick reaction set collection game where players are trying to collect a full set of Squishmallows for their squad before their opponents do.

Main Play 

Each player will be given a set of numbered cards from one to four. The same numbered cards will be placed on the table, with Benny the Squishmallow placed in the middle of the table. One Squishmallow card is dealt under each number and then on the count of three all players will play a number card, essentially deciding which if the Squishmallow cards they want to take. If two players play the same card, then the first person to grab Benny gets to take the card they want. The first person to collect four cards from the same squad wins and claims the rights to own Benny for the rest of the day.

Bad Winners or Good Losers? 

There’s no player elimination here but there is a set winner of the whole game. There’s a chance there might be slight disagreements when Benny needs to be grabbed off the table and so expect potential fireworks for more boisterous players. Thankfully the game doesn’t take too long to reset and start again so it won’t be long before everyone is back in the game.



Sugar coated delightful illustrations that look attractive on the table and super cute. Benny is very squishy.

What Am I Learning?  

Quick reaction times, observational skills and simply planning are required to master Squishmallows and so younger players will get a lot out of this.


If this lasts more than 20 minutes then you’re playing it all wrong or too seriously.

Who’s Going To Like It

Anyone who likes their Squishmallows and has younger players are going to like this. Those who liked Gonuts for Donuts and want something in the same vein but simpler are going to like this.

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By Richard