So here it is. The Game of the Year special. Myself and Luke go through the list of games that have turned our heads and made us into chuckling muppets.

No spoilers in the show notes. But if you want to dash ahead then here’s the time stamps

08:50 Mythic Battles Ragnarok

23:50 Star Wars Rebellion

30:00 GOTY Disclaimer

33:45 Honourable Mentions including Disney Animated, Viticulture, Tapestry, Oath, Earth, Death Road All Stars, Ice, After Us, Seas of Havoc,

43:15 Special Award – ‘Delivering on All Fronts’

#10) 46:30

#9)   50:10

#8)   57:30

#7)   01:02:50

#6)   01:07:20

#5)   01:13:00

#4)   01:21:30

#3)   01:28:40

#2)   01:36:50

#1)   01:45:30



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